Wild Garlic Chicken Kiev

Recipe of the Week

Seasonal Produce: Wild Garlic

I can’t quite get enough of wild garlic at the moment, and what better than a healthier take on an all time classic – the chicken kiev! This is a really easy and quick recipe that’s perfect for enjoying after a long day at work. Serve just with salad if you’re being good, or rustle up some sweet potato fries if you want to push the boat out. 


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Healthy Eating- there’s a snack to it….

OK OK – you’ll have to forgive me for the terrible pun, but stay with me…

The past few weeks have been ridiculously busy for me at work, and as a result, healthy eating has gone out of the window. The main culprit – snacking.

I’ve become quite conscious about this and faced with the option of avoiding snacking all together (which would never happen!), I’ve been on the hunt for easy to prepare in advance snacks – that you can also freeze. I’m happy to say that I’ve found some fantastic recipes which freeze perfectly meaning that you can simply take what you need out of the freezer for the day ahead which adds absolutely no time on to your morning routine – but which does mean you have some healthy options for when hunger sneaks up on you. Continue reading

Are We Sweet Enough Already? The Sugar Tax.

On Friday 6th April 2018 the Government’s sugar tax came into effect. Described as ‘ground-breaking’, the tax was introduced to encourage fundamental changes in companies production of fizzy drinks.

The tax was unveiled by George Osborne in the 2016 Budget to come into effect two years later in April 2018, giving manufacturers an opportunity to address their recipes.

The levy is being imposed on manufacturers who in turn are then likely to pass onto consumers. There are two tiers of tax;

  • 18p per litre on drinks with more than 5g per 100ml
  • 24p per litre on drinks with more than 8g per 100ml

Immediate reports are already suggesting that the levy has proved a great success with 50% of all drinks have had their sugar content reduced ahead of the new levy coming into effect.

The original red Coca Cola and blue Pepsi have kept their recipes unchanged stating that they cannot amend their award winning formula that people know and love. They are instead proposing to use smaller bottles which will be sold at higher prices.

Will the levy work longer term? There is  concern about the  viability of some products, such as Irn-Bru, but on the whole the industry seems to be taking positive steps to help with the increasing issue of obesity. Time will undoubtedly tell – but I don’t think that the levys will stop here.

Whilst a good step forward, it would be nice to also see ‘healthy’ foods become more affordable thus encouraging people to buy them as opposed to the unhealthy alternatives….

Parsley and Lemon Zest Breaded Hake with a Wild Garlic Sauce

Recipe of the Week

Seasonal Produce: Wild Garlic

I can’t take any credit at all for this recipe- but it is simply beautiful and one that deserves shouting about. The wild garlic sauce has a very subtle taste which works beautifully with the parsley and lemon zest creating a very refreshing supper that will undoubtedly leave you wanting more.

This would also work fantastically as a dinner party recipe – as you can prepare quite a bit of it in advance – plus it looks very inviting!

Breaded Hake

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A Dal A Day…

Recipe of the Week

Seasonal Produce: Various!

IMG_0488.jpgLast week was British Dal Festival, and so I set myself the challenge of cooking ‘a dal a day’. I have to say that I’ve never been overly passionate about dal – I like them, but they’re not the first thing that I think about cooking when I get home, so I thought I’d challenge myself to try and cook a variety of different days.

What I really liked was how simple and cheap most of the dals were to cook, and they made a great alternative to my usual lunch options (turns out each dal made so much my freezer is now full too!).

All of the recipes that I chose were taken from the British Dal Festival website who has a collection sent in my various chefs. I won’t list out all of the recipes – but take it from me, they’re lovely!

A particular favourite was the Punj Rattani Dal, described as a ‘Dal of Five Jewels’, the flavours were just lovely!

A great option for lunch was the Squash, Coconut and Lentil Soup (I opted for squash as opposed to pumpkin). The lemongrass made this a really nice and somewhat refreshing soup which went beautifully with a few chapattis.

Anyway, that’s me dal’d out for a few weeks – but I’d definitely recommend trying a few – they’re very versatile and of course a great accompaniment to an Indian feast!