Unprocessed Amy

I’ve decided to set myself a new foodie challenge, and to go unprocessed. The purpose of the challenge is not for weight loss but simply to gain a better understanding of the food that we eat and what’s sneakily thrown into many of the food products that we know and love.

Before starting the challenge on 1st January 2016, I decided to set myself some rules and objectives. Having read various books and articles about going unprocessed I’ve concluded that the next few months will be a big learning curve, so I’ve realized that I may not be able to achieve my target from day 1, but that I’ll learn as I go.

The simply rule that I’ve decided to work by, is that ‘unprocessed’ relates to anything that you can realistically make in your own kitchen. That’s not to say that everything will be made in my kitchen, but that any food that I eat could be.