Supper Club #1

I’ve set myself a challenge to host a supper club by the end of the Year. In true Bristol fashion, the preparation has been well underway with a soft launch supper club each month to friends and family.

On the menu for Supper Club #1 was;


It was quite a daunting task trying to work out what to cook that didn’t;

(a) leave me flapping in the kitchen for a full 24 hours before

(b) leave me flapping once everyone had arrived

(c) kill anyone

and more importantly, that everyone enjoyed the event!

It goes without saying that (a) went straight out of the window and may as well as slept in the kitchen – but most importantly, it was really great fun and (after a few hours kip), I would quite happily do it all again!

The prawns were a great choice to start as they were quick and easy to do meaning that I had time to focus on the main course. The olive tapenade bread rolls were, if I’m being completely honest, a little tough – but for a first attempt late the evening before, I think they more than passed the test.

For the main course I opted to slow cook a shoulder of lamb. The cooking of the lamb was fairly simple, save for having to make sure it was safely in the oven in time to cook for 3 hours before being allowed to rest. The lamb was served on a bed of smoked aubergine puree which was an interesting task! Similar to making baba ghanoush, I had to closely watching four aubergines burning over separate stoves – and try not to panic as the outer skin burned. Happily I opted to do this the night before so that if it did go wrong, there was time to quickly make another.

Cooking aubergine over a naked flame

Turns out, it’s nowhere near as scary or tricky as it seems! If you’re using a gas hob, make sure that you cover the area in foil leaving small holes for the actual burners to protrude to as this saves on the washing up! Simply lay the aubergines on top of the burners and make sure you turn every so often when they start to burn. If using a charcoal BBQ – once the BBQ is up to heat, nestle the aubergines in amongst the coals, again turning often. You want to make sure that they are really burnt before removing.

Once burnt all over, place in a bowl to cool. If you want to make sure they are extra smokey – cover the bowl in foil before setting aside. Then once cool, just peel away the skin to leave the mushy flesh.

Cut the flesh into pieces and pop into a sieve suspended over a bowl and cover. Leave for the night in the fridge and discard the excess fluid in the morning – simples.

If turning into puree – blend with a bit of fresh mint and majoram and season.

If making baba ghanoush – blend with some fresh garlic, tahini, olive oil and lemon – and maybe a little bit of cumin if you dare.

Once the lamb was cooked, I took it out to rest before pulling the meat off the bone and popping into a terrine mould. This was then weighed down and allowed to set. Once I was ready to serve, the lamb was cut into neat pieces before being reheated in a pan.

To serve the dish, I laid the lamb on top of the aubergine puree and topped with some grilled Swiss chard. The dish was drizzled with a lovely jus made from the stock and topped with an anchovy crumb.

I couldn’t resist rustling up a few fondant potatoes to accompany the dish too!

Fondant Potatoes

I was always quite nervous about cooking fondant potatoes for the first time – as they look and taste delicious, and so I assumed they would be very difficult to cook. But NO! They’re really simple to cook, just make sure that you keep your eye on them.

Top tip: add minced garlic and fresh thyme to take them to the next level!

To make, peel your potatoes and slice a little bit off the top and bottom so that they can stand up on the pan. Melt some butter in your pan and add the potatoes. Cook for about 6 minutes until the bottom is golden brown. Once brown, turn over and do the same on the other side. Next pour in chicken/veg stock and add minced garlic and fresh thyme. Cover and simmer gently until the potatoes are cooked.

I wasn’t sure what to choose for desert until a friend gave me some fresh rhubarb from their garden the day before my supper club (I know, I really had left it until the last minute!). Armed with my rhubarb, I set about thinking what I was going to make. Dismissing a classic rhubarb crumble in search of something lighter decided on a classic rhubarb fool with a ginger biscuit crumb. The fool was layered with a rhubarb syrup which made it look really appealing and made it easier to present.

ALL IN ALL: Supper Club #1 was a complete success – and I absolutely loved the challenge! I definitely learn’t a lot of skills and cannot wait to do the next one!


Sweetcorn & Courgette Fritters with Maple Caramelised Red Onion

Recipe of the Week

Seasonal Produce: Sweetcorn


I set myself a challenge of making sweetcorn the star of the show in every evening meal I cooked last week – which encouraged me to cook meals I’ve never done before. Who would have thought that this little vegetable could be quite so versatile!

I’ll put up a few recipes over the next couple weeks – and I’ll be picking another vegetable in October to be the main event for a week – so watch this space…

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Recipe of the Week: Homemade Baba Ganoush

Recipe of the Week

Seasonal Produce: Aubergine


This Middle-Eastern dip lends itself beautifully as an accompaniment to flat bread/tortillas whilst catching up with friends over a glass of wine or even as a great addition to lamb or chicken kebabs – homemade of course!

It’s become a staple in our house at the moment with the humble humous taking a backseat. I originally started making baba ganoush on my gas cooker – which actually worked very well – just as long as you prepare your workstation in advance! The arrival of the Big Green Egg has made this process much easier simply nestling the aubergines amongst the hot coals at the end of a BBQ.

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Summer Salads

Recipe of the Week

Seasonal Produce: Salad!

With the weather that we’ve had over the past few weeks I’ve opted to keep it very simple this week. There really is something to be said for good ingredients speaking for themselves – and these salads prove that.


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Let’s Not Forget the BBQ Salads..

Recipe of the Week

Seasonal Produce: Buuuuut it’s BBQ season!!!

Processed with MOLDIV

Well what a beautiful weekend that was! With weather like that – the only food option is BBQ, more BBQs and even more BBQs. The key to a good BBQ for me is the salad selection. It goes without saying that there needs to be chicken, steak and halloumi – but there’s nothing more depressing than rocking up to a BBQ and there’s only a bowl of lettuce leaves.

These salads can make or break an English BBQ – and we need to give them the true respect they deserve!

Here are just a few of my favourites – you never know, if this weather holds out – some more BBQ recipes will follow. But knowing how the weather works here – let’s not bet on it…..

Cards on the table, eh-erm, seasonal produce went slightly out of the window this week – I couldn’t resist! 

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Wild Garlic Chicken Kiev

Recipe of the Week

Seasonal Produce: Wild Garlic

I can’t quite get enough of wild garlic at the moment, and what better than a healthier take on an all time classic – the chicken kiev! This is a really easy and quick recipe that’s perfect for enjoying after a long day at work. Serve just with salad if you’re being good, or rustle up some sweet potato fries if you want to push the boat out. 


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