Romantic Italian Meatballs

Recipe of the Week

Seasonal Produce: there isn’t really one this week!

Cards on the table, I haven’t picked a specific seasonal ingredient this week. Instead I’ve opted for another warming meal to get us through what’s been a fairly bleak February. Having just had Valentines Day this recipe seems appropriate and makes me think of The Lady & The Tramp. Although I’m not sure this one is for sharing! Continue reading


Orecchiette with kale, pea and walnut pesto

Recipe of the Week

Seasonal Produce: Kale

Disclaimer – this is only the second time that I’ve ever made pasta, so I don’t profess to be a pasta professional! This type of pasta is however very easy to make once you get the hang of it, and there’s something quite relaxing about sitting down to make the little ear-shaped pasta.

The pesto tastes incredibly light and vibrant, and will also go fantastically well with some fresh fish or roasted vegetables. This recipe will leave you with plenty left over to either use over the next few days or to squirrel away in the freezer for a rainy day.

Orecchiette originates from the sunny southern province of Puglia, Italy, and it’s name means ‘little ears’ in Italian. The cup-shaped pasta is perfect to catch chunky sauces as well, so don’t just limit yourself to this recipe!

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Stir-fried Beef with Black Beans, Pak Choi and Bamboo Shoots

Recipe of the Week

Seasonal Produce: Pak Choi

This is a fantastic quick & easy supper choice taken from Rick Stein’s Far Eastern Odyssey. The lemongrass really brings this dish to life.

The secret to this dish is making sure you buy some good quality beef as it really will make or break it. It may seem like a lot of ingredients but don’t let that put you off – it really is very quick and easy to do! Continue reading

Superfood Pasta Al Forno

Recipe of the Week

Seasonal Produce: Purple Sprouting Broccoli & Cavolo Nero


I’d consider this a real comfort food for those dreary winter nights, but unlike a lot of creamy pasta dishes, it’s crammed full of vegetables which makes it a slightly healthier option.

What’s really nice about this recipe is that the meat isn’t the main focus of the meal. This recipe would do equally as well without the sausages – so if you’re a vegetarian, or embracing meat-free Mondays, then simply remove the sausages – and hey presto, the perfect friend for a cold night in curled up on the sofa.
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Hoirino Me Selino

Recipe Of The Week

Seasonal Produce: Celery


Granted probably not a recipe that you will have heard of, nor me before this weekend. I decided to consult The Flavour Thesaurus, a fantastic reference book written by Niki Segnit which looks at food pairings and ideas for ‘creative cooking’.

Having some pork in the fridge, I went straight to the pork section to see what seasonal delights would accompany my chosen meat- and there it was, a pairing of pork and celery in a simple savoury Greek Stew. Continue reading