A Dal A Day…

Recipe of the Week

Seasonal Produce: Various!

IMG_0488.jpgLast week was British Dal Festival, and so I set myself the challenge of cooking ‘a dal a day’. I have to say that I’ve never been overly passionate about dal – I like them, but they’re not the first thing that I think about cooking when I get home, so I thought I’d challenge myself to try and cook a variety of different days.

What I really liked was how simple and cheap most of the dals were to cook, and they made a great alternative to my usual lunch options (turns out each dal made so much my freezer is now full too!).

All of the recipes that I chose were taken from the British Dal Festival website who has a collection sent in my various chefs. I won’t list out all of the recipes – but take it from me, they’re lovely!

A particular favourite was the Punj Rattani Dal, described as a ‘Dal of Five Jewels’, the flavours were just lovely!

A great option for lunch was the Squash, Coconut and Lentil Soup (I opted for squash as opposed to pumpkin). The lemongrass made this a really nice and somewhat refreshing soup which went beautifully with a few chapattis.

Anyway, that’s me dal’d out for a few weeks – but I’d definitely recommend trying a few – they’re very versatile and of course a great accompaniment to an Indian feast!



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