Total Produce Market Report March 2018

Total Produce have released their March 2018 market report and it makes for some quite good reading. Happily spring is just around the corner, so hopefully the snow we had over the weekend will be the last of it!


Blood Oranges are still with us and should be until the end of the month and there is a good availability of other oranges. Lemons are also plentiful although limes are currently inconsistent.

Home-grown apple and pear season is coming to an end, but the first arrivals of fruit from South America will soon be with us.

The ridiculously cold weather spell of a few weeks ago has affected the supply of strawberries and raspberries from Spain which has resulted in them currently being very expensive. Total Produce are hoping this will ease off as the month goes on.


Home-grown Cavolo Nero is on it’s way out, but will be replaced by supplies from Italy – albeit costs will increase.

Purple sprouting broccoli remains in good supply, but cauliflower is in short supply with costs being inflated as a result.

Confirming that Spring is almost here, we should see the first arrivals of British asparagus from the Wye Valley later this month. Similarly the first supplies of broad beans and peas from Southern Europe are starting to emerge although supplies are limited.

Jersey Royals will soon be arriving on the shelves, but they will be quite expensive. TP have suggested an alternative of early Spring crop Cyprus new potatoes which have ‘excellent flavour the Cyprus is a remarkably versatile spud’.

Something to look forward to; wild garlic leaves & flowers, monks beard and artichokes.


We should start to move across to new season salad growers from Holland and the UK, with British tomatoes coming along by the end of the month.

The Vale of Evesham, which is renowned as the ‘Garden of England’ has had to halt planting of summer salad crops due to the recent wet weather. As a result there may be a shortage of spring onions and speciality lettuce in due course.



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