Cards on the table, I said to myself that I would write a blog at the start of every month looking at what is currently in season in the South West. It’s now 9th February 2018, and to date, no such promise has been fulfilled.

I always make sure that my Recipe of the Week is cooked using seasonal produce, and struggle to find a list of what’s seasonal in the South West and where are the best places to go.

So, starting as I now mean to go on, it’s February – the shortest month of the year. Interestingly February is the only month that can pass with no full moon -with the exception of about 4 times in a century and 2018 being one of those exceptions! Hopefully you managed to see the beautiful full moon we had last week.

In Old English, February had two names – Solmonath which stood for ‘mud month’ and Kale-monath which stood for kale/cabbage month. And yes, you’ve guessed it – kale and cabbage are high on our list of seasonal produce for this month.

It’s been pretty damn nippy this February and there was even snow falling on Tuesday night. As a result, I’m sticking to stews and casseroles this month. In terms of produce, look out for vegetables such as squashcabbagekale and purple sprouting broccoli.

Ones to make the most of before they go are leeks, cauliflower, cabbage, Jerusalem artichoke and the beloved forced rhubarb.

In terms of other produce, game continues to be on the menu for about another month. If you prefer something lighter then fish such as salmon and cod are readily available. Mussel season is still with us – ending in March – so you’ve got about a month to perfect your mussel cooking recipes!

Others that we haven’t mentioned but which are still in season are; Brussels sprouts, parsnips, turnips, blood oranges and clementines.



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