The Bristol Good Food Alliance

Organisations such as Bristol Food Network and Bristol Food Producers are coming together with one ultimate aim – to enhance and promote the sustainability of food in Bristol.

The aims of the alliance include;

  1. Strengthening the capacity of the good food movement in Bristol
  2. Making it easier for anyone, or any group, to become involved in the movement
  3. Encouraging and facilitating cooperation between different parties

The Alliance is open to any organisation who shares the core values set out in the Bristol Good Food Charter and the vision set out in A Good Food Plan for Bristol.

Having won gold at The Sustainable Food Cities Award in 2016, Bristol is continuing its efforts to get recognised as a sustainable city.

A few initiatives that are underway in and around the area;

Reducing Waste

Using spare kitchen space and surplus food, Food Cycle cook up to 950 meals every week to our cities vulnerable.

An independent franchise of FareShare, they work to rescue perfectly good food that is about to be binned and send it to organisations working with the most vulnerable people in the community. This involves up to 100 volunteers every week helping to re-distribute the food throughout the South West.

Fresh & Local Produce

There are so many companies offering fresh local produce in and around Bristol – so you can make the most of the seasonal fruit and veg on offer whilst testing your culinary skills!




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