Spanish Floods

ALL CHANGE: catastrophic floods in Spain over the winter months are likely to result in a shortage on some of our much loved vegetables.

With almost 80% of our winter veg coming from Spain, and with almost two thirds of some crops being destroyed, it looks like we may have to be a bit more creative with what culinary delights we rustle up in the kitchen.

Expect to see a shortage in salad leaves, cucumbers, peppers, broccoli and courgettes to name but a few. Similarly, expect to see a reduction in fresh herb availability.

The helpful chaps at Total Produce have given some pointers on what veg alternatives you can trial;

  • Brassicas: All kales, including cavolo nero and purple sprouting broccoli, romanesco
  • Roots: celeriac, beetroots, artichokes
  • Cabbage: hispi, sweetheart

The Total Produce January Market Report 2017

With alternatives available, perhaps we should see the shortage as a challenge to try new things?


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