Now Open: Pi Shop

Thursday marked the opening of Pi Shop, the latest venture by the Sanchez Brothers.

The new pizzeria has set up shop next door to its older sibling, Casamia at The General, a beautiful and relaxed setting overlooking the boats at Bathurst Basin.

The interior of Pi Shop creates a relaxed Italian feel with Pi Shop describing it as ‘Napoli meets Bristol’. Featuring a large wood fired oven and an open-plan kitchen; you could be forgiven for spending more time watching the specialist pizzaioli at work (yes, apparently that is the term for pizza chefs!) than actually sitting at your table.

Pi Shop’s menu offers an array of simple, classic pizzas as well as some mouthwatering specialty pizzas, all at very reasonable prices. The cocktail menu brings back some classics such as the Negroni, Tom Collins and Old Fashioned.

Opting to try some of the specialty pizzas, we ordered the purple sprouting broccoli, goats cheese & pugliese onions and the Lamb, courgette, blue cheese and rosemary. After about 20 minutes of eager waiting, our food arrived at the table. The fusion of flavours on these two pizzas was fantastic, and a welcome change from the standard pizza toppings that we’re all too familiar with.

Unfortunately we didn’t have space for dessert (there’s a first for everything!) but turning down the Strawberry and Tarragon Ice Cream certainly wasn’t done easily!

Verdict: fresh, creative pizzas served in a lovely setting – with classic cocktails, what is there not to love?!


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