We’re excited about: Wapping Wharf

With so much redevelopment going on in Bristol, the city continues to offer exciting and innovative new areas for us to explore. One of the most exciting of these is Wapping Wharf, a community-focused neighbourhood in Bristol’s harbourside.

As well as some 600 apartments, the Goal Ferry Steps in the middle of it all will house independent retailers with a strong focus on food and drink – and more importantly, supporting independent local businesses. Phase 2 of the development will also see the creation of ‘Cargo’ and then ‘Cargo 2’, retail hubs for yet more foodie shops.

Mokoko Coffee opened its doors on Wednesday, having originally flourished in Bath. Mokoko offers an array of different coffees as well as some cakes and yesterday, Spinach and Mushroom Tartine, which looked amazing!

The Steps will also house a Better Food supermarket, who’s name you will no doubt recognize from their shops in Clifton and St Werburghs as well as a Small Street Espresso Company.

Wild Beer Co. confirmed at the end of May that they will also be setting up on the Steps, stating;

‘We are incredibly exciting to be getting our hands on our first Bristol site and Wapping Wharf is the perfect fit! We intend to create a unique eating and drinking experience where you’ll fee both comfortable and engaged, with a creative interior and an external terrace perfect for waterfront alfresco dining. When open, we will be pouring our own great range of beers as well as others from some of our best brewing friends, both at home and abroad. Food will play a big part in what we do at Wapping Wharf; flavor and taste lead everything we produce’.

The first shipping container, Pizzarova, opened in May. Pizzarova originally started serving pizzas from the back of a land rover across Somerset & Dorset. Offering take-away pizzas at a reasonable price – you shouldn’t need any encouragement to get down there!


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