Happy Real Bread Week 2016!

We’re right in the middle of ‘Real Bread Week’, the annual celebration of supporting your local, independent Real Bread Bakery – and dare I say it, having a go at making your own.

Bristol is a hive of activity at the moment, and we’re lucky to have so many independent bakeries with so much on offer. What’s equally great to see, is the support that local restaurants and individuals give to them.

Here’s a few of my favourites – which I’m hoping you’ve already tried, but if you haven’t – now’s the time;

Marks Bread Bakery

Founded by Mark and Maria Newman in November 2009

Based on North Street, Marks Bread has been at the heart of Bedminster’s regeneration since it opened in 2009. Marks Bread supply over 26 local restaurants and shops, with most of their deliveries being done by bicycle.

Marks Bread offer a speciality bread daily, with today’s being a New York Rye – and tomorrow’s being an Olive and Thyme bread. Simply delicious.

Not one to be limited to just bread, they also offer croissants and pain au chocolats, if you get there in time, they’re a wonderful start to your Saturday morning. Make sure you also try their homemade donuts – filled with a different homemade jam every week.

Marks Bread have an adjoining café which as well as being a great hub of activity daily offers events such as their pop-up pizza night (the next one being on 26th May) and Mark’s Afternoon Tea (the next one being on 5th June).

If you haven’t tried Marks Bread yet, where have you been living! But seriously, get yourself down there – you won’t regret it.


East Bristol Bakery

With a slogan of ‘We Believe in Real Bread’, East Bristol Bakery certainly don’t disappoint.

Founded by Alex back in 2012. Located on the vibrant and buzzy St Marks Road, this bakery sees queues of people on a Saturday morning patiently waiting to get their morning loaf.

Much like Marks Bread, East Bristol Bakery has the much valued support of local independent restaurants that eagerly incorporate the bread into their menu.

The bakery also offers a delicious selection of cakes to tempt you further – make sure you try their chocolate rye cookies – they are d-i-vine.


Harts Bakery

Tucked into a Victorian railway arch at Temple Meads station, this isn’t necessarily a bakery that you would stumble across by chance. But that hasn’t stopped its popularity soaring.

It took me a few years to discover this little gem, having heard murmurs and whispers from various people. When I did chose to venture over, I couldn’t stop myself from buying three slices of cake and two loaves of bread.

Opened by Laura in 2012, this bakery has gone from strength to strength, providing vast amounts of local business people with their morning coffee and croissant, as well as having a great little café where people can sit back and watch the bakers in action.

With so many cakes on offer, I couldn’t even begin to suggest which one you go for – if in doubt, get three or four – dare I say it, you won’t regret it!

My favourite to date – the chocolate honeycomb brownie.


The Stock Exchange Bakery

One of the newest additions to Bristol, the Stock Exchange Bakery is based in Bristol’s old Stock Exchange building on St Nicholas Street.

The Stock Exchange Bakery originally started at the Whiteladies Road Farmers Market, and after two years – moved into this historic building.

The Stock Exchange Bakery offers great a fantastic selection of breakfast and lunch options, as well as smoothies and juices.

An absolute must is their rainbow bagels – a definite novelty!



I’ve heard a lot of great things about this bakery, but unfortunately I haven’t quite made it down there yet.

Based in Totterdown, this bakery is run by Ashley Symons, who has previously rustled up a storm in The Albion and The Pump House – I have no doubt that this little gem needs to be tested – and quickly!


Pullins Bakers

Having published this post yesterday, I happened to stumble across Pullins stall this morning on my way to work by St Nicks Market.

Based in Somerset, Pullins have two shops – one in Clevedon and one in Yatton. Too far to go? Panic not – they are at Corn Street Farmers Market every Wednesday – and slightly further up the road on Wine Street every Friday.

I’m tucking into one of their Olive Sticks whilst writing this – and it is beautiful! A cheesy crispy breadstick, stuffed with whole fresh olives – a great addition to the lunchtime salad!


Shipton Mill

Panic not – this isn’t a bakery that you’ve somehow overlooked – but seeming as it’s Real Bread Week, it definitely deserves a mention.

Shipton Mill located near Tetbury is an organic flour mill that supplies many of our much loved independent bakeries with the finest flour your good money can buy!

Believe it or not, this mill has been producing flour since the time of the Doomsday Book – and just keeps going from strength to strength.

As well as offering all of the usual types of flour you would expect, Shipton Mill also makes Rye Flour, Spelt Flour, Pastry Flour and many more.

Thankfully you don’t need to go all the way to Tetbury to pick up a bag, as many shops across Bristol stock it. However – if you do have a few hours to kill, then I would suggest going and having a look around – it’s quite remarkable!


So, there’s no excuses now – get your apron on, and get baking! X



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