Mayfest 2016

‘Bristol’s unique annual festival of contemporary theatre, dedicated to presenting a broad range of unusual, playful and ambitious work from leading theatre makers from Bristol, the UK and beyond’

Mayfest fell slightly under my radar last year, but the reviews have been absolutely phenomenal, with The Guardian describing it as ‘A mix of work so tasty it makes you want to up sticks and move to Bristol permanently’ … as if we needed any further justification about how great Bristol is!

The programme is full of different, innovative and creative events in some of the lessor known or even thought about spaces across Bristol.

Highlights to look out for;

  1. Blind Cinema at the Watershed – a form of audio description whereby the audience sit blindfolded listening to the events unfold which are described by rows of children.
  2. This Is Not A Magic Show at Matilda Ferry – a close-up magic show about slight-of-hand magic. Described as ‘part performance-lecture, part deconstructed showbiz and part magic tricks that leave you, like, omg’.
  3. Of Riders And Running Horses at a secret location, to be confirmed! Following the success of May Fest 2015, this show is back by popular demand. A dance event created as a communal animation of urban spaces, apparently ‘the music is a rider and we are the running horses’.

Throughout the festival, Maydest Radio will be back, providing a great overview of the delights ahead, enticing you to get involved and reminding you of just why we love Bristol!


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