AerialFit Pilates

There are so many new gym classes in and around Bristol, and I’ve been keen to see what they’re all about. So, I started with ‘AerialFit Pilates’. Looking on their website, it aims to ‘build muscle strength without bulk, promoting a strong well balanced body’. AerialFit Pilates uses a hammock to offer support, which also adds a new dimension to traditional Pilates matt work.

Being a Pilates virgin, I was mindful that I may have thrown myself completely in at the deep end. The session lasted an hour and consisted of about 50 minutes of Pilates followed by 10 minutes of meditation and relaxation. The class was very intimate, with only 5 other people.

The class was absolutely fantastic. The instructor gave different options for each move – meaning that everyone could get involved. Parts of it were very difficult, but I’m hoping that with a bit more practice, they’ll get easier!

For three or four days after the course I could really feel that I’d worked by abs – who’d have thought it – I was convinced that they didn’t exist! Anyway, I’ve realized that this is probably a really good one for toning that tum, so will definitely be going back!


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