Abel & Cole


So, I ordered Abel & Cole’s ‘Keen Cooks Fruit &Veg Box’ as well as their ‘Salad Box’. In fact, that’s a lie, I pushed the boat out and also ordered their meat and fish boxes – all in the name of ‘research’! In Abel & Cole’s ‘Marvellous Meat Box’ I became the lucky owner of some diced lamb, braising steak and pork loin. In the fish box there was haddock, fish pie mix and some smoked salmon.

The fruit & veg boxes were however a bit of a disappointment. I ended up with duplicates in both boxes, resulting in copious amounts of beetroot, lettuce and peppers. To be fair to Abel and Cole, when I emailed them, they responded promptly to refund me for the duplicate vegetables, and to explain in more detail that I could alter my fruit and veg choices on their website if I needed to.

Verdict: As long as you’re proactive about checking what’s in the boxes each week, then a good option. Their fish and meat boxes are fantastic.

Since writing this, I realized that I didn’t take any photographs of my boxes(!). So, I ordered another one – to see if the experience was better, and also so I could put a photograph up on here. Happily this box was much better!

Again I ordered the ‘Keen Cooks Fruit & Veg Box’ which included; spinach, tomatoes, a green pepper, mushrooms, artichokes, oranges, pears and strawberries. All of which I often buy – except for the artichoke! I could have swapped it for another vegetable, as I have no idea what to do with it – but I’ve decided to give it a go!


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