A Little Bit About Me


I thought that it would be good to paint the background. I would generally consider myself a ‘healthy eater’, and someone that doesn’t eat too many processed things.

The above was my initial summary, but having been doing the challenge for four weeks now, I’ve realised that some of the ingredients that I use are considered ‘processed’. One of the first things that I realised, was that sugar was processed. Whilst I don’t tend to eat much sugar, I do have a small bit of sugar in my coffee and in my porridge. Since starting the challenge, I’ve done a lot of research into sugar. Turns out its slightly more complicated than I anticipated. Fingers crossed, I’ll update you all soon!

Fruit and vegetables seem to be another minefield. In the strictest sense of ‘unprocessed’, the pesticides and chemicals used on fruit and vegetables make them ‘processed’. Organic fruit and vegetables seem to address the immediate danger, or do they? I’m currently in the process of sampling various fruit and vegetable boxes that are local to Bristol – I think its fair to say that I’m somewhat overloaded with autumnal veg at the moment! All in the name of research…


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